DIY: Fullface Helmet Mexican Sugar-Skull Graphic With Posca Pens

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Helmet Illustration Tutorial

Posca pens are classic for DIY’ing any of your skate gear from helmets to knee-pads to griptape.  They are waterproof and light resistant so they have less of a chance of coming off in the wet or fading in sunlight.  It might still be a good idea to seal your illustration with a spray-on clear coat to give it extra durability. Get yourself a set at your local art store or do as we do and get a set from amazon.  This is an awesome way to freehand a graphic and give your stuff that extra dose of personality and colour.

What will you need? Your full-face helmet to customise, Posca pens, a pencil, an eraser, and some paper to sketch on.

IMG_0004 copy

Ok! On to the tutorial!! First step will be to do your research. Find images of graphics you like for inspiration. Best place to start? Google Image Search.  Print them out if you can so you can spread them out, re-arrange, and mess about with the image.  Maybe pin or blue-tack them to your wall if you want.


sugar skull images



Next up, practice, practice and practice!  Get used to the design you are going to use and do some trial-sketches to make sure you have an image you can comfortably draw freehand on the helmet.


IMG_0009 copy


If you have something you are super pleased with, use a post and go over the lines you’ve done in pencil.  Makes for good wall art! Also this will give you a good idea of how the lines will react to the broadness of a marker.

IMG_0011 copy

After that, you need to select the placement of the design on the helmet. I usually eyeball it but you can measure it and make marks to centre the design.  I didn’t manage to photograph the pencil step, but this is now when you would use the pencil and sketch out the design you’ve selected and perfected before starting in with the Posca pens. I chose the top of the helmet facing towards the visor so you can get a nice eye-full when the rider is in tuck. *Nice reflection of our house board-rack ey?

IMG_0007 copy



Finally, you need to go over the pencil lines with your Posca pens.  I started out with white and then went in with the colours.  You can let this dry and go back over the drawing for a more opaque finish.

IMG_0013 copy


Ta dah!!! Pop your helmet on the rider and they are ready to roll!

Yep yep I know it’s indoors, but we promise we’ll get a shot of him wearing it on a proper board and in a proper setting soon 😉

IMG_0105 copy


What sort of graphic should we do next? Do you guys have any requests?  Let us know in the comment section below 😉

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