Courtesans, Better Safe Than Sober EP Launch

by Diane Cunningham

Saturday 18th February, Courtesans hosted their heavily awaited debut Better Safe Than Sober EP Launch; with Leashes and The Vultures as main support.

Hosted at the Electrowerks, tickets had sold quickly and the venue? Well it had reached full capacity!

crowd at courtesans ep launch

photo by Diane Cunningham


I took some time to speak to a few of the fans. Some had travelled from Europe as well as gig goers from the surrounding cities of outer London.

Courtesans have recently been featured in Metal Hammer and Kerrang with their debut video
“Mesmerize” from this heavily anticipated EP.

Maybe you’ve heard of them? If not allow me to informally introduce you: the band currently consist of Sinead LaBella; Vocals, Agnes D. Jones; bass, Saffire Sanchez; Guitar and Vikki Frances; drums.


photo by Mark Bruce


There is undoubtedly something different about this EP, new influences and experimentation with their sound.  Don’t get me wrong i like their first album, I’m not knocking it, but their sound this time when performing both their old and new tracks is remarkably different. These girls mean business!

If you asked me to describe the genre they fall into; i dont honestly think I’d be able to answer. They are a concoction of several musical styles that i absolutely love. It’s heavy and spell bindingly erotic.They manage to bridge doom pop, with heavy alterntaive and rap/spoken word and guess what? Their heavy hitting sound flows seamlessly.

These are four domineering females, in a dude-dominated space, yet they seem to have more spunk and attitude than any all male metal band. Classics from their intial album 1917 were played this evening; the band opened with Scream and Liberate, followed by Mesermerize.


photo by Mark Bruce


This is a band that dont over compensate for shallow lyrics with fancy stage tricks and smoke screens.Their performances are the kind that give you something tangible, raw emotion. Their lyrics
are those that will hit the same way a bulldozer brings a building to its knees. It’s got meaning, something that seems to have become lost in mainstream music.

Their tracks predominately focus on humanity, politics and unrequited love. Their new live tracks seem quite fitting for the uncertain and bleak times we live in especially from a political landscape.  “John Doe” from their new EP is a take on attempting to carve out your own path.  “Feel the Same” showcased the variety in Sinead’s vocals as different tones are used in this particular track such as rap and spoken word.

Thought provoking lyrics; choruses and hooks that will lament themselves in your head for days; moody basslines and heavy guitar riffs and drums…together
the quartet are a force to be reckoned with.  Sinead’s stage persona is
quite domineering and you can tell she feels every lyric she sings: it’s personal and at times it’s political. The bassist and guitarist also provide backing vocals creating beautiful harmonies.  Agnes, Saffire and Vikki literally seem to get lost in the dark grooves of their music.


photo by Mark Bruce


You know you’ve borne witness to band that will accomplish great things when they have the ability to take a classic garage anthem and produce an authentic cover. The final track played by the girls was DJ Lucky and MC Neat’s “Little bit of luck”, You’re on to something special when you have the whole crowd practically going apeshit.

If you’re tired of listening to bitches who just front and profess to be “clunge grunge” or attach misleading labels then maybe you should do youself a favour and check Courtesans out.


Tour dates are available via their official facebook page:

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