Plastique Finale Gig Review

By Diane Cunningham

On November 2016 the band had announced that they were going on an “indefinite hiatus”.

Saturday March 11th Plastique hosted their final gig at the Water Rats, Anelise Kunz had opened the show saying it was a “celebration of old and new beginnings.” When I initially got to the venue I remember red draped theatrical curtains behind the stage which really set the theme.


For those who may not be aware Plastique are an Electrowork/ Indie trio; Anelise; lead vocalist, Fabio; guitarist; and Gabriel who plays synth. I had first seen the band a year ago when my partner taken me to a gig in north London last year.


In the 7 years they had been together Plastique had released two albums, a self titled album (2011) and #Socialscar (2013) which had been funded by Indiegogo, along with a few singles. The band had played an eclectic mix of old and current tracks. When Fabio and Gabriel initially came on stage, Anelise was lost amongst the crowd singing vocals, she opened with  “Girl of Prey”, “Pray to No One” and “Scarlett” – tracks from their first album.

They remind me of a blend of bands from the 90’s and 00’s including Placebo, Republica, Cardigans, Le Tigre, Bowie and Garbage. Anelise reminds me of Saffron Sprackling, with a lot more spunk, she has the type of stage persona that would turn the straightest woman gay. She commands stage presence, exudes sexuality, but unlike many women in mainstream media this isn’t accomplished through prancing around a stage scantily clad.


It’s difficult to figure out, but i think it’s a combination of her husky voice and shameless lyrics with lines like “I wanna fuck you”. Anelise’s vocals coupled with Fabios riffs and Gabriels  synthy sounds skills . They are the type of band that are able to blur in between multiple music genres,


The show had lasted for about an hour and a half; for their encore they had performed “Home” and “White Noise”. The final track played had been “Blood on the Dance Floor”.


Sadly after 6 years the band had decided to disband and pursue new projects.  Gabriel is now producing whilst Anelise and Fabio have started a new project “Yur Mum” and are currently touring the UK and Europe.

It is bittersweet because I did genuinely love their stuff, however they have ended on good terms so on a creative level I think they will most definitely be collaborating in some way.

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