New Year Skate Bash 2016 #NYSB

The New Year Skate Bash is the kind of christening event that kicks off a new year of skating.  The thing about the UK scene is we gotta take what we can get and make the most of it, be it rain, snow… I mean we’re not the postal service but we’ll go through just about anything to get that board time in.

The 2016 edition (held on January 2nd and 3rd) was no different. It pretty much pissed down from beginning to end on day 1 and we felt the aftereffects on day 2 with a river of water pouring down the winding road.

The first hill was mild, straight and wide. It was the perfect warm-up for the weekend.  I haven’t got much shots of this one as I put aside my camera to get some coleman practice in.  I hadn’t skated properly in months so I was a bit nervous, but to my relief everyone was super welcoming.  There were skaters at various ability levels starting from different parts of the hill so I had some company at the mid-way point and experienced skaters gave me tips to get my slides back on track.

We moved on to a winding walking trail nick-named the ‘Impossible Hill.’  It is narrow with a rough surface and banks that drop off steeply.  The rain was pouring down so I decided to lurk this one out and pick up my camera again for the inevitable bails.  I wasn’t disappointed but I also discovered the infuriating frustration of having to defog your lens after nearly every shot and the despiration of sheltering the camera under a waterproof…and most of the time failing.  One of the most interesting events of the day was when someone’s wheel popped off after a run-in with the ditch…which left the bearing and nut mysteriously still on the truck!

IMG_0396 copy IMG_0407 copy IMG_0417 copy IMG_0450 copy IMG_0470 copy

emerging slide

IMG_0600 copy IMG_0914 copy IMG_1148 copy IMG_1158 copy

rysface wheel malfunction


Wet and muddy we closed the day by filing in and stinking up a local pizzeria…soon-after followed by a mostly fresh-faced crew who either changed or showered up to taste some of the best ales in England.

Day 2 was by far sunnier but still muddy as it could get.  Rivers of water ran down the road.  There was some really epic riding and the water made for some amazing visuals too.  We got our glamping on with a hammock and even a hand-held espresso maker (my addition) and really enjoyed the damp day.  I had just bought some wellies and they came in super handy for angles standing ankle-deep in water. It was really awesome to see the diverse crowd who came out for this!  They really put their heart and stoke into it.

IMG_1175 copy IMG_1180 copy IMG_1186 copy IMG_1212 copy IMG_1239 copy IMG_1246 copy IMG_1348 copy IMG_1406 copy IMG_1519 copy IMG_1575 copy IMG_1924 copy IMG_1932 copy IMG_1940 copy IMG_1942 copy IMG_1955 copy IMG_1959 copy IMG_1966 copy IMG_1968 copy IMG_1985 copy IMG_2051 copy IMG_2080 copy IMG_2083 copy IMG_2106 copy

After the session we invaded a rural pub and settled in for hearty sunday roasts. It was an epic weekend and can only mean the best of things for UKDH in 2016.



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