Short Film Review: Greener Pastures EP1 ‘The Island’

Like most longboarders we were looking forward to the latest Greener Pastures release like it was Christmas. Iphone and Grand Theft Auto V release be damned, this was the release worth staying up all night for.  So at the butt-crack of dawn UK time, September 17, Greener Pastures released EP1 ‘The Island.’

The video started out with killer scenery and chilled out island beat indie electro.  The roads are long, winding and high-drool worthy and thanks to the Greener Pastures crew, newly painted with lines of thane.

The areal shots tease insanely at the prospect of gut-wrenching runs.  They skate and it’s dripping with steezy-smooth slides but spaced out with a hell of a lot of nostalgic chatter.  It feels like it’s ending before it even begins.  I for one would have liked to see some long trailing shots of complete runs rather than bits and pieces.

The location isn’t revealed but for good reason.  The project name ‘offshore’ was used to lend a sense of secrecy to the location.  Of course someone’s going to recognize something and spill, but Greener Pasture’s intentions are good so hopefully most viewers will respect and let it slide so riders will continue to slide themselves down those sick island hills.

Though there’s not as much skate as some would like to see the video; as a way to show the culture of a damn good skate trip it does pretty well. The camera-work and quality too is amazing and cinematic.  It’s only episode one so that camerawork and story telling will be put to good use as they get dug in to carving the hills. We’re looking forward to it.

But why take our word for it, watch for yourself and let us know what you think.



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